Friday, April 28, 2017

18 Inches From The Storm

Storm 34 of the season has delivered 18 inches of snow so far. It started Monday with 1" and we have since received 4", 4", 4" and 5" today. There is still more snow forecast for today, tonight and into tomorrow.

Our Snow Safety Team was in early today. They are on The East Wall already along with a team shooting the avalauncher.  Assuming their mitigation works goes well, we should have plenty of good skiing and hiking today. These are conditions to be savored. Get yourself skiing.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Clouds Break For A Second

Even with all the snowfall, the clouds break apart everyone once in a while. More snow coming.

Over A Foot Now - Carpool and Summit Stage

For the 3rd day in a row we reported 4 inches of new snow. Plus, it has been snowing since report time. We are well over a foot for this storm with more coming. I was able to take a few quick spins on the hill this morning. If you are fan of powder skiing, you would love being at The Basin right now. It is incredible, especially in the Lenawee Parks zone.

Now one thing that happens with Spring powder days is people carpool less. We have way more vehicles coming up with one person per vehicle. On big powder days, the parking can fill up quickly while traffic on the mountain is moderate with plenty of room for everyone.

Make sure you get up here in the next few days. It will be so worth it. We are going into one of those truly exceptional times. That said, avoid coming up solo in your vehicle. The Summit Stage is running normal hours Saturday and Sunday (no Stage on weekdays). Ride the Stage or carpool with a friend or two (or more).

You don't want to miss these conditions.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

8 Inches And Tacos

The weather and the forecasts have been great this week. We have reported 8 inches of new snow over the last two mornings. It appears we have plenty more coming the next 72 hours. To top that off, the food trailer opens Saturday. Plan on some street tacos and other goodies. Can't wait.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ski Tour Near The Basin

Kay, Whitney and I went for a great little ski tour about 2 miles SE of Montezuma Bowl Sunday morning. I always enjoy getting a perspective of The Basin that I do not normally see.  Nice to see how the place fits into the neighborhood. 

If you zoom in on the upper left corner of the upper photo you can see the trails in West Zuma, the top of Zuma Lift and the backside of Little Lenawee, The Notches and North Pole. The peak in the center is Lenawee Mountain (top of East Wall). The two big summits on the right are Torreys Peak (14, 267') and Grays Peak (14,270').

And the skiing and skinning was pretty darn fun.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday Was A Beauty

Saturday was one of those amazing Spring Arapahoe Basin days. I took this photo at mid mountain at 9:45 yesterday morning. The East Wall, including the hiking, was open. Great snow everywhere. Excellent deck action at the restaurants. Lots of people participating in Earth Day activities. Good, good fun.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Storm Total - 9 Inches

The storm is moving out after dropping 9 inches of snow. The skiing yesterday was good all over. Pali and its nooks and crannies (see photo below) were great fun and I heard a report of excellent conditions in Willy's Wide. We should see 2 or 3 mostly sunny days and then lots of snowflakes appear in the forecast again. Darn good conditions out there.

Friday, April 21, 2017

4 Inches And Still Snowing

Winter has definitely returned. Today 4" and yesterday's 3" gives us 7" so far and it is still snowing. Looks like today will be fun.