Friday, October 31, 2014

Good Skiing on Ramrod

Hats off to the cat drivers and snowmakers. I took five quality control runs this morning before 8. The crew gets a major thumbs up. Excellent skiing on Ramrod and High Noon. While I don't personally ride the rails, the park looked pretty darn good this morning.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ramrod Friday

Ramrod will open Friday morning. Last night was another good night of snowmaking. The snowcat drivers had a good start pushing out the piles. The snowmaking crew is removing all their equipment today. Tonight the drivers will come back in, complete the dozing and put the finishing touches on the grooming. Once the drivers are done, the Ski Patrol has some work to do with ropes and pads and signs and stuff. It will be ready for you Friday morning giving us three wicked, fun ski experiences; Ramrod, High Noon, and The High Divide Terrain Park

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ramrod Snowmaking Piles

Man, those are some good looking snowmaking piles on Ramrod. The cat drivers started working them last night and plan on doing a major doze this evening. Tonight is also forecast to be another very good snowmaking night. Tomorrow morning, we will get on the trail first thing and see if it is "decision time" in regards to getting that darn thing open.

Zuma Webcam

I like this sunset image I plucked off the Zuma Webcam Monday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

High Noon Is Skiing Nicely

The snowmaking program to buff out High Noon is going very nicely. We made a lot of snow there last night. Over the coming nights, the snowcat drivers will spread the new snow out even further. Really good skiing and will just get better every day now.

One More Picture

From the office deck just now..........

Ramrod Snowmaking Update

The snowmaking over the last 30 hours on Ramrod has been outstanding. Skiing the trail, I found significant whales all the way down. While we have not set an exact day to open the trail, the outlook is bright. We would like to make snow for 2-3 more nights on the trail and then we will need a shift of dozing and grooming by the snowcat drivers. So, no promises yet, but we are hoping to have Ramrod open by the end of the week.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lousy Pictures

Bill Miller and I tried to take some good photos for you today. Unfortunately, it was snowing so hard and we were making so much snow, the images are "whited out". Can't see much. Sorry about that.