Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Al's Blog February 26, 2008

We have had fifteen inches of snow over the last two days. Wow. I spent yesterday morning skiing Slalom Slope and Montezuma Bowl. I think those were the best snow conditions of the year. I was still getting face shots in North Chute at noon. Today might be even better. Incredible. We opened the East Wall for the first time about a week and half ago. The recent new snow will make the riding out there extraordinary. As I write this morning, I am listening to the avalanche crew on the radio as they develop their East Wall control plans. It is going to be good

Although our weekends have still been busy, the parking frenzy seems to have mellowed out a bit. I want to thank all of you that have been riding the Summit Stage. I have seen several full bus loads. Public transportation is good for all of us. Also thanks to all of you that are carpooling and getting here early.

I did get a fair bit of feedback the last few weeks. I certainly appreciate hearing from you. As I said before, I am hoping to hear your thoughts, both good and bad, about how we are doing. If you have ever found yourself wondering, “Why in the heck do they do it that way”, please ask. I look forward to seeing you up here soon. Remember personal days were designed with powder days in mind. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Al, check the web cam at mid mtn. it get's us through the day at work!

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Check out the new web cam in the base area. We tossed that goofy, tilting camera and bought a new one just like the one at Black Mountain Lodge. Anyone out there have a suggestion for another web cam location?

Anonymous said...

I liked the location of the goofy tilting camera. It had a great view of Pali face, and where the storms build toward Keystone.

Anonymous said...

Since its enduro day, it seems like a cam at the bottom of Pali would be a good idea so us workin stiffs can check up on the racers, maybe something that can pan over to the beach so we can take that in as well