Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Legend

Rudipup has asked why people call Arapahoe Basin the Legend.

Arapahoe Basin is one of Colorado's oldest ski areas founded in 1946. Its development coincides with the development of the Colorado Ski Industry. Its early pioneers read like a Who's Who of Colorado Ski History.

Larry and Marnie Jump. Larry was the company's first president and 10th Mountain Division Member.

Max and Edna Dercum. They developed Ski Tip Lodge and later founded Keystone Resort.

Dick Durrance. Noted ski racer, film maker and all round skiing great.

Thor Groswold. Founded Groswold Skis that provided equipment for the 10th Mountain Division and the 1952 US Olympic Team.

Willy Schaeffler was one of the Basin's first Ski School Directors and went to be the University of Denver Ski Coach winning 13 National Championships.

All of the above mentioned people are members of the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame.

The first Poma lift in the United States was installed at Arapahoe Basin in 1953. The first disabled ski program was established at Arapahoe Basin in the 1960's for Vietanam veterans. The number of notable events at Arapahoe Basin is lengthy. Looking at the history of Arapahoe Basin and the remarkable personalities that have worked and skied here, it is easy to understand why Arapahoe Basin is called "The Legend."


RippinSkiers said...

Great information. We're big fans of A-Basin and what a great day we had on Saturday. The West Wall bumps were absolutely spectacular!

cburns said...

Don't forget Tom Hornbein. I'm pretty sure he worked at A Basin in the late 1940s. He was one of the two first people to traverse Everest in 1963 (they went up one ridge and came down another).

I had a chance to ski with Tom at A Basin two years ago. It was a gas.

I'm an Aspen area skier, but I love A Basin....