Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Webcam

We just added another new webcam with views of the bottom of Exo, the Beach, and the bottom of Pali. Check out the image captured this afternoon and use the link below to see it live (except when it is dark).

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on to your blog after a visit to the AB website and watching the webcams. It brings back some great memories of my teen years (the 70s) where I learned to ski form trial and error (or terror at some moments). I got the enjoyment of taking the poma lift up Exibition and figuring how to ski down when first starting out and falling from the lift. It wasn't long before I was a regular spending the entire day on Pali or treking across the east wall. My days of powder and bumps gave way to raising kids and moves to the west coast and now mid-atlantic. Hope the new year brings plenty of snow for you and another great (long) season. Cheers!