Friday, January 17, 2014

Soft and Creamy

The MGD Zone (Max, Groswold, Durrance) opened this morning. I managed to sneak a run down Groswold and Long Chute. The snow was really soft and creamy, just perfectly wind blown. Conditions were absolutely fantastic. The Ski Patrol had a very big week getting that area open. Multiple times, they had it ready to go just as the next storm arrived with lots of new snow and wind forcing them to redo their mitigation efforts. Now on the leading edge of some sunny clear weather, they pulled off a beautiful opening this morning.

Leaving Zuma Bowl, I thought I had skied a perfect morning. I headed to Pali for a quick spin on The Spine before heading in. Oh man...............was that incredible. Not a bump to be found and more of that soft and creamy snow.


John P West said...

Glad to meet you this morning. We had a super day!

Anonymous said...

Hey what about the JEZWCGGMRET zone? (Jump, End Zone, Winning Card, Gentlings Glade, Montezuma's Revenge, Elephant's Trunk)