Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Concert Series

The May Concert Series kicks into action this Saturday, May 3. Euforquestra will be doing their "Thing" from 1-4 in the base area. That "Thing" is described as Afro - Caribbean - Barnyard - Funk. Throughout the show Chef Rybak and crew will be serving up a Taco Bar Fiesta.

Music is the secondary theme for May (behind great skiing and riding). Each Saturday we will have a band in the base area from 1-4. Look for more great shows from The Congress, Funky Johnson, High Five, and The Champions. To top that off there will be live music at Black Mountain Lodge from 11-1 and at The 6th Alley Bar and Grill from 4-6. So, each May Saturday we will have live music from 11-6. Should be fun.

.........And we have 5" new snow this morning, 17" for this storm.


Zach said...

today was amazing out there, Pali was deep but I have to say that ZOOM ZUMA ruled the day, west ridge, MGD.

Rip Hermski said...

Looking forward to some great tunes and some stellar spring skiing! Euforquestra has that boss groove, baby!