Friday, July 31, 2015

Guest Services Remodel

Our Guest Services remodel is going well. As we progress, I will post more pictures. The objectives here are to improve the areas for season pass and ticket sales, information and general guest services. The bonus is that we are covering the ticket office deck, creating a nice place for people to get out of the weather and a really great place for a band to play their tunes.


Dave said...

Al, welcome back from vacation. I'm loving all the capital improvements you guys are/have been making the past couple years. Terrific photos with the ongoing construction framed by that stunning Colorado blue sky.

Question: What is the status of the WRNF EIS regarding the proposed Beavers expansion? Visited the USDA website recently, and all I see are the scoping letter & map. The info on the AB website indicates the EIS was targeted to be finalized late last year. TIA.

Mark Matis said...

??? No photos from the USA Pro Challenge Stage 2 Finish last weekend???

Hope your vacation went well.

Dave said...

That's not for a couple weeks, Mark (8/18).

Mark Matis said...

Sorry! I was seeing the banner advert for 26 July and got them mixed up. Any photos from the Summit Challenge Trail Run and BBQ?