Monday, September 4, 2017

Another PHQ Update

The PHQ remodel is progressing nicely. The framing is mostly done. The electricians are working away. Before long we will see shingles and siding.


Mike Erhardt said...

Will we still be able to go to the left of the bldg and access west wall ect taking a right off the chair past powerline

Alan Henceroth - COO said...

The remodel will not change any access to terrain.

Eric Ludewig said...

Thank you, Al and the Again owners, for your continued support of the Ski Patrol at A-Basin. The remodel of the new base area first aid station and now the remodel of the PHQ are really awesome. Great support for a group of professionals who generally go underneath the radar and often under appreciated (at other ski areas) . A-Basin rocks!!!