Thursday, November 30, 2017

95% of the Cornice Run

The cat drivers have dozed and tilled about 95% of the Cornice Run. There is one little gap at the top to finish up. I am always excited to get this run and the West Wall open. It gives skiers another very different kind of experience and gets people out of the main corridor. The West Wall has seen some directed skiing. I suspect with just another storm or two this terrain will open up regularly.

The Cornice Run will be a critical connector from the top of The Beavers Lift to Davis.

Check out the little snowcat made ridge-line in the bottom photo. The Cornice Run already catches good snow, but this extra little ridge acts like a snowfence and catches even more snow. Typically, the width and quality of this trail expands rapidly as the snow falls and the wind blows.

The view isn't  bad either.

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Anonymous said...

How about putting a bootpack up the WW?