Friday, September 23, 2011

New Parking Lot

The 225 parking space expansion to Last Chance Lot is almost complete. You might even call it Upper Last Chance Lot. If you are the kind of person that arrives late on busy days, this is going to make your day a whole lot easier. From this new lot, it will be very easy to either catch the shuttle bus or walk through the tunnel. Do not walk on the highway (very bad Karma).

To sum up progress, the grading is done, the sediment ponds are done, paving the new turn lane and the entryway is done, the highway striping is done, and the new guardrail is done. We still have to finish the re-veg work, apply the road base, put up the signs and clean up. All this will really improve the "Guest Arrival Experience." It might also save me several miles of running up and down the highway chasing cars.

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