Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summit Daily News - "Best Of"

It is always fun to read the annual Summit Daily News "Best Of Summit County" publication. Kay brought it home today. We ranked as the 3rd Best Skiing Mountain (I might argue that a little differently). As no surprise to me though, we were voted Best Apr├Ęs Ski in the county. For those of you that have spent an afternoon on the deck, in The 6th Alley, or at a Moonlight Dinner know what this recognition is all about. It is a great unpretentious place to be with friends, sharing a few laughs, reminiscing about the day (or days past), and dreaming of days to come. We also won the award for Best Bloody Mary. Who would have thought bacon would be popular in a Bloody Mary? Thanks to the Summit Daily News and all of our friends for this honor.


CUbuffsFTW said...

Hey Al, I just had a question for you. What are your guys' thoughts on having your first lift open be Lenawee and using the BME for uploading and downloading. I have always thought this would be a better solution because it is obviously colder at higher altitudes... You would also be able to have a larger terrain park and a longer run. I guess the only difficulty I see is that run is wider=more snow, isn't it?

Ravenswood said...

I lobbied for this all season!!! I'm SO glad we won!!!