Friday, July 6, 2012

Wildflower Dinner and Yoga

We have had a few small rain events now.  It has been just enough moisture to green things up and get the flowers to pop out.  Came down the Argentine North Fork Trail yesterday and had a nice face to face 30 second encounter with a young mule deer buck.

OK, we have a few more events on the horizon. 

Two weeks from today, Friday, July 20, Chef Rybak will be hosting the Wildflower Dinner and Hike.  Featuring Colorado cuisine, diners can either ride the chairlift or hike up and/or down for the Black Mountain Lodge feast.  This will be the perfect time to enjoy that incredible late day light on Lenawee and Black Mountains.   

The following week, Thursday July 26, we will be hosting our first Yoga on the Mountain event.  Hike to Black Mountain Lodge, do yoga on the deck with local instructor Allison Simson, enjoy a Chef Rybak lunch, and hike the Argentine North Trail to the bottom.  A nap might be in order for the afternoon.

We are expecting a good turnout for both of these events so make your reservation soon.  For all the details and to sign up, check our website.


Anonymous said...

today krystal 93 at about 9:45 am said it would be a wildfire tour please NO!

yoga positions said...

O HOW ROMANTIC it is.. i am really ready for this.