Monday, July 16, 2012

Wildflower Dinner

We still have a few spots left for Friday night's Wildflower Dinner at Black Mountain Lodge.  We have another nice downpour going on right now.  Even some sort of hail / slush / gaupel things falling down.  We had nice rain both Saturday and Sunday also.  It is really starting to get wet around here.  Someone even spotted a mushroom.  Whoa.  The flowers are just awesome. 

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Anonymous said...

Alan, glad to hear it. Rain is good. this years fires were devastating. The return is a healthier forest at a hefty price. Another potential return is more snow pack for the southern hemisphere. Things are looking good for a better ski season in 2012-2013. Just bought my new sleds. I am ready. Here in Denver we are about 4.5 weeks away from the August shift in weather. I need it, I work out doors, it has been a tuff summer. 100 everyday. See you soon ole boy.