Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October 3 Beavers Tour

On Thursday, October 3, Forest Service and A-Basin staff will be conducting a site visit of our proposed Beavers expansion.  I highly recommend this for anyone curious about the proposal..  The tour will take most of the day and will involve a fair bit of walking on rough terrain. We will also discuss our proposals for a new surface lift to Montezuma Bowl, increased snowmaking reservoir storage, and a zipline/challenge course. We will soon be going into the Public Scoping phase of the required Environmental Impact Statement.  This tour is meant to give anyone interested a clearer understanding of the proposal.

Just to manage uphill transportation and other logistics, please RSVP Shelly Grail at or me at


Anonymous said...

Alan, looking ahead to expansion into this area, how will it affect ticket and season pass prices? Expansion is great, modernization and new amenities make the ski experience more memorable, problem is cost for the end user. I have visions of $100 day passes and $400 season passes, oh, and pay parking only for BEACH access. Just some thoughts of the end user.


Unknown said...

Are you able to talk about the proposed timing of the Beavers expansion? Next year? 2 or more years out? While I can't argue with the expansion if it makes good business sense for A-Basin - which I hope continues to operate independently for the rest of eternity - Beavers is some great sidecountry that will get tracked out quick if folks can get a lift ride out of there. I guess I should get back there as much as possible this season while it's still relatively pristine! Thanks, Al, for all of your posts and for your continued delivery of the great product that is The Legend. I LOVE ARAPAHOE BASIN!