Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wedding Moose

Today's wedding group had a nice surprise.  A very large bull moose was wandering around the Lenawee area in the late afternoon.  When our staff and just a few of the family members were at BML before the wedding, he walked across West Gully and into the woods just west of Tower 4 Lenawee Lift.   At the same time, a couple of mule deer were spooked by something, maybe the moose, and were running across Lower Gentry.  As the reception was going on the moose popped back into view near the bottom of Lenawee Lift. Not quite great photos (that's him in the center), but a cool experience for those who saw the moose.

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Junk Evolution said...

That's awesome. So glad the bears and moose are moving back where they belong.