Thursday, May 15, 2014

7 Inches New

It just keeps snowing. We reported 7 more inches again this morning. Shoveling the snow, it feels pretty light. I think the skiing and riding will be exceptional today. It looks like we might see another wave of precipitation before the weekend and then maybe a couple of sunny, warm days. Beautiful.

So get yourself on up here today. Drive slowly and carefully. Try and carpool if you can. This is definitely a spring to remember. We might have a summer to remember to also.


Anonymous said...

I thought the fire hydrant was santa Claus at first. This spring snow is a lot like mid winyer

Michael Ricci said...

Was at the basin today. Conditions were AMAZING, especially considering that it's May!!!

Untracked powder to find in the zuma bowl, soft moguls to find on Ramrod and Pali as well.

I heard a few people whispering July, I hope this weather is a sign of more to come!