Monday, January 12, 2015

North Side Ski

We reported a very kind 3" of new snow this morning. I think about half of it fell yesterday morning and the other half fell last night. I spent a couple hours chasing my daughter, Whitney, and her friends around the North Side this morning. We hit a lot of the main lines in Standard, North Glade, West Turbo, The Spine, The Face, and The Alleys. Never a pretty picture watching a 50 something year old man chasing around a bunch of 20 something kids. But it was still loads of fun and the skiing was awesome. It certainly wasn't a bad morning off. Pretty good visuals out there.


Ray Johnson said...

Love to see a good cat chase! Abasin is always a hoot!

Peter Knudtsen said...

What's going with the wicked weird looking cloud formation? Looks like those conspiracy theorists have a case to make after all with those crazy looking contrails.