Friday, January 27, 2017

Crisp, Clear, Blue

After a chilly start this morning, we had a very beautiful, crisp day with stunningly blue skies. The snow is just about perfect.


Miche said...

My plane touches down Monday morning at 9:30, I'll be there by Monday afternoon. So Excited!

John D said...

What a fabulous day that was. Had some pow turns on every run. The fat end of the East Wall traverse next to tree chutes was awesome. Thanks!

Robert Faessler said...

Still some decent pow left for sure on this Friday.

So cold I couldn't feel my nose, but no matter is was a perfect morning.
Snow is in fantastic shape and Blue Bird, of those perfect blue sky days; almost looked fake.

Continue to enjoy the ride this spectacular season everyone!!!

Who would have thought this in November?