Saturday, January 7, 2017

Managing Busy Days - Carpool and the Summit Stage

Today was a big day at The Basin. The holidays are over. We had 28 inches of snow this week. It was sunny and beautiful. The skiing and riding is fantastic. A lot of people showed up to soak it all in. There are periods during those busy days when parking can be a challenge even though the skiing on the mountain still has plenty of room. I have a few tips that may make these busy days a little easier for you.

Ride the Summit Stage. If it works for you, skip the whole parking piece and ride the bus.

Carpool. If everyone had one more person in their car, the entire parking issue would go away.

Arrive early or late. On peak days, typically Saturdays and occasionally Sundays, the parking tends to be full between about 11 AM and 1 PM. After 1 PM, people start leaving and plenty of spots open up. Avoid mid-day arrivals on peak days. This could be an excuse to really sleep in.

On Saturdays our employees are required to carpool, ride the employee shuttle or ride the Stage. I know the parking can be a headache, but the hassles can be avoided fairly easily.

There happens to be a great view of the mountain from our Upper Last Chance parking lot.


Anonymous said...

You are doing a GREAT job Al. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What about all those reservable beach spots that sit empty most of the time? Seems like you could fit an extra 30-40 cars in there most days.