Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Snow Safety Sunrise

The Snow Safety team was in early this morning (as usual). Yesterday's storm had some winds that created some interesting snow pockets to work with. They spent much of yesterday on the East Wall and are out there bright and early again this morning. Much of the snow safety work involves being out and about during cold, dark and windy times. Other times, the crew catches breathtaking vistas including this beautiful sunrise. This photo was taken this morning looking towards Loveland Pass from the entrance to West Zuma Bowl.

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Anonymous said...


Changing gears a little bit here. With the steep gullies opening next season, I was wondering if there's been any consideration to open up new lines on the east wall. IIRC in years past there were lines skiers left of Tree Chutes that were open when snowfall warranted (I believe TJ's was the name of one of the lines.)

Not sure if they were closed for safety or avy concerns.....but the steep gullies are pretty gnarly terrain too. Just sayin'

As mentioned multiple times in A-Basins MDP, A-Basin typically serves more advanced skiers that the average ski area. If you could address this here or in another post it would be greatly appreciated, as there are many other skiers who feel the same way.