Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Alleys

Today was still fairly chilly but, the sun was out and the skies were blue. The East Wall below The Traverse was skiing well particularly just inside the gate. Upper Standard was soft. The usuals, The Spine and Face were great. I had good fun skiing The Alleys soaking in the views across the valley.


Anonymous said...

Man I love the alleys so much! There seems to be a million little lines back there. Each alley is similar but has its own character. I used to love to fly through the trees between them too. So by he way, who is the David of David's Run? If I remember right, it was just the First Alley when I used to ski there every day in the '90s.

Luke Hagberg said...

If I remember correctly David was the name of a skier who passed away triggering a wet slide Springtime Avalanche. Please thank ski patrol when you see them out and about as they work very hard to avoid these types of situations and keep all of us safe. Furthermore Arapahoe Basin speak and bowl that they host every year raises money for Avalanche awareness, safety, and forecasting etc

Anonymous said...

haha beacon bowl*

although speak and bowl would be a good name for an event. maybe like bowling alley spoken word poetry?