Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beavers Trail Names

For The Beavers project we are working on a new trail map including new named trails. In the image below you can see that progress is being made on the map. We are diligently working on new trail names. When possible, we will use historical names like Beaver Bowl and The Steep Gullies. That said, we still need to come up with quite a few new names. We have been brainstorming internally and have come up with a few gems, but definitely still need more  We are open to suggestions. If something strikes you as a good name, please feel free to forward it on to me.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Naughty Elephant

L3on said...

Any chance of getting a larger version of this image? It's really hard to read

Unknown said...

The two blue runs in the beaver area...

Call one Max and the other Edna. Then re-name the run called Max in the Montazuma bowl, The Drop.

Anonymous said...

Trail Ideas pt 1
-Pirate Theme
-Breadth of the Wind
-Windows 7 for the Macintosh
more to come

Anonymous said...

Long Way Down for blue on right.

Gary Spetseris said...

Castor Canyon (or Castor Couloir if there is a couloir in the extreme terrain). Castor is the scientific term for a beaver ;)

Gary Spetseris said...

Castor Canyon (or Castor Couloir, if there's a couloir in that extreme terrain). Castor is the scientific name for a beaver ;)

Alex said...

"Rio" for the avy dogs!

Jacques Voorhees said...

Well, I've been skiing A-Basin since the fifties, and this looks really exciting. There's plenty of stuff named Dercum over at Keystone, but I agree a run named Max and one named Edna would be great. Also, off top of my head, here are some good, solid trail names: Klondike, Alhambra, Argentine, Porcupine (name of summit near these new trails), Wildcat, Blue Sky, Snowmageddon, Columbine, Enchanted Forest, Sundown, and Alpenglow.

Anonymous said...

For the hike back trail.

The long and winding road

Charlie Cundiff said...

The Shack
Soft Gold
Dammed Trees

Anonymous said...

Wish you were here



Beavers Dam


Cswizzle said...

Steep gullies: takeoff,blind drop, Nuckle sandwich, dirt nap, free fall, snagged, point shoot, demon, edge chute, the spine, good luck.

The blues and other runs could be: punch bowl, hell tree, boulders, wild child, dam traverse, wonder, nature, kicking horse, sleepy, the narrows, mighty, laughing stock, lickity spit.

Anonymous said...

Steve Mckinney or something in memory of ABasin speed skiers.

Patrick said...

Hot Dam
Buck Tooth
Stone's Throw
Beach Club
Legend Tail
Count Castor (Count Pali and Castor ~ Beaver)
Castor Casino
Face Card

Patrick said...

Hot Dam
Buck Tooth
Beach Club
Legend Tail
Stone's Throw
Count Castor
Castor Casino
Face Card

Anonymous said...

In honor of Leif Borgeson...
Caffeinated Leif
Shimmering Sha
Bumpboard Brock

Anonymous said...

For the hike back trail...Beach Street

Greg said...

Dog Leg for the dog leg-shaped blue run

Anonymous said...

Bark Eater
Dam Yankee
Agua Fria
Tree Hugger

Tyler Dean said...

The Legend

buffs21 said...

Slopey Mc-Slope Face

mikeholm33 said...

Big Woody, Nice Beaver, Hangman, ptarmigan

udailey said...

Head over to ski school, get the first name of the kids learning to ski, name the runs after the future of skiing.

Anonymous said...

Slim Chance (a nod to Wilfred "Slim" David of the USFS taking a chance on ABasin during the opening and a salute to the new USFS expansion)

White Diamond (70th Anniversary stone and color)

EnDurrance (a nod to the Pali Enduro and Dick Durrance)

For the trail back to the Pali/Beach: "BCH" - Basin Coast Highway

For the trail back to the Pali/Beach: Boardwalk

Anonymous said...

The highway or I-70 for the blue on the right.

Anonymous said...

for the steep gullies just do 1st gullie, 2nd gullie and so on.

Anonymous said...

beaver run would also be a good name.

Anonymous said...

70th Anniversary themes to commemorate the expansion:

Smoky Quartz

Anonymous said...

In honor of Apollo 11 astronauts:

Armstrongs Leap
Aldrins Second Step
Collins Collector


Aaron M. said...

If you ever put a lodge in at the bottom of the new chair, you can call it the "Beaver Lodge"

As for the lines through the Steep Gullies, as an Alpentalic I'd recommend naming the gnarliest one "l'Internationale"

Eric said...

Willie's Wide on the wall, Larry's Luge in the Beavers.

Jeff Pickles said...

Traily McTrailface

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goat

Anonymous said...

south pole instead of north pole

Anonymous said...

Better image of Beavers...

Anonymous said...

pali trees for the black on the left

Anonymous said...

peak 1, peak 2 etc. would be good names

Anonymous said...

Dustin's Great Run or Dustin's Peace

Joe M. said...

Gotta have a trail called "Al's Blog".

Anonymous said...

Dustin's Great Run or Dustin's Peace

Randomgold said...

Heres some names I think would be good for the blues:
Red Horns
Candy Dispenser
Big Momma
Wind Visor
Time Machine
My reccomendations for the Steep Gullies:
Vainglory (excessive elation or achievement in one's accomplishments)
King Kong

udailey said...

Now those are some fun names! I especially like Candy Dispenser and Vainglory.

Anonymous said...

One of the toughest should be called Ward Cleaver because he was always a little rough on the Beaver.

Robb from flat snowless Ohio said...

Theodore and Wally
Benjamin Buford and Bubba
Daggett and Norbert (angry beavers)
Gold Streak and Main Vein
Sawtooth and Flat Tail

BKC said...

Leave it to beaver
Beaver fever
Furry mammal
Bucktooth critter

Unknown said...

Dirty Boat Guy!

Anonymous said...


Rodney Ramsay said...

My contribution: Jetstream

WaveSpark said...

Gulliver's Travels or Gulliver's trail

Martinich said...

Crystal Clear
Cognitive Dissonance
Porcupine Glades
Beaver Tail
The Riparian Zone
Pelt Chutes

Anonymous said...

Purple Mountain Majesty

Anonymous said...

Morning Glory
Afternoon Delight

Anonymous said...

Frassati would be a great trail name.
Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati was an Italian who loved skiing and mountain climbing.
Many christians in the area know of this great man and aspire to be like him.
He was studying to become a mining engineer in order to help those working in the poorest conditions.
The mining tradition of the area make him a great person to name a trail after.
He also had an amazing heart for serving the poor and ones in most need.