Wednesday, March 8, 2017

From The 4th Steep Gully

Below are a couple of pictures I took last week from the top of the 4th Steep Gully. The top photo is looking Southwest across The Beavers towards Beaver Bowl. You can see the open bowl up high and lots of great tree skiing down lower. We will enhance that tree skiing with just a little bit of tree removal creating some very nice glades.

The bottom photo is looking Northwest down the 4th Steep Gully. The primary entrance is on the far left side of the photo allowing skiers and riders to drop down a ramp into the guts of the chute. While a tremendous ski, this is clearly for expert skiers only. 

Hope you enjoy the photos.


August said...

Excited about this addition to the ski area !
Thanks for all the wonderful blog info Al

Anonymous said...

Hello Al,
What happened to Zuma cam? Great view in the evening.

PeaceScore said...

Looks fun! The Legend grows....