Saturday, June 17, 2017

Odd Position

I seem to find myself in an odd position this time of year. I spend the entire ski season trying to convince everyone how great the skiing is. Once we close for the year, I have to convince a few people that, really, the snow is melting and it is time to close.

After some time passes after we make big decisions, we look back critically to determine if we made the right decision. That said, this morning I went for a little walking tour up to Black Mountain Lodge. My intention was to check the condition of the road and the remaining snow and try and determine if we made the right decision. The pictures below say a thousand words but, I did ask and answer the following questions.

Was there enough snow at the top and bottom of BMX and the bottom of Lenawee Mountain Lift to keep operating? The answer was no.

Was there enough snow on Ramrod and Sundance to keep operating? The answer was no, not even close.

Was there still a strip of snow on High Noon? The answer was mostly yes but, there was a burnout patch on Upper High Noon that would have prevented it from opening.

Was there enough snow around for dozing to keep the lift terminals and High Noon going? The answer was no.

While the decision to close, made June 8, was not an easy one, we made the right decision. Enjoy the pictures and, more importantly, enjoy the summer.


Steve Davimos said...

You made the right decision to put safety bars on your new lifts. I can only say thank you. That was most certainly the right thing to do. I love A basin and hope to ski it again in the near future.

Laurie Morgan said...

Thanks Al, so much for your blogs. We read them from the beginning to the end of the season. We cry when we can't come.But we cheer when we can. Loved being there for the Beer fest over Memorial Day weekend ! Even better, I bought the demo skis I rented. Lots of fun! See you next year hopefully.

Unknown said...

Closing on June 8th is just fine. Gives everyone time to look forward to the next season opener. Love A Basin!

chase squires said...

Relax, man. Good calls all around. See you in (I hope) October. Go have a beer and be well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Al! You made the right call. Of course there will be some upset people. But, the end of ski season isn't always the easiest news to hear. Thanks for a great season and can't wait for opening day!

Anonymous said...

I think a couple of things made this season's close date hard to compute.

Pali closed for the season and then reopened. That must mean there's tons of snow, right?

'Zuma was open till pretty much the end. That means there's tons of snow, right?

Lake Reveal didn't really pop out till closing weekend. That must mean there's tons of snow, right?

Truth is, I was up skiing before and after that last big dump of the season and it was clear, even then, that the snow situation wasn't robust enough to withstand more than a few days with high temps and lots of sun. As always, y'all made the best call, using a knowledge of the mountain, historic norms, and common sense, to make the call. Just like last year, the last weekend was great. The following weekend would have been a disaster.

Thanks Al. See you in October.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work and sound judgment! See you next season! Lb

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing is the justification why they don't download BMX and keep the top open.

Joel said...

I was wondering the same thing. A-Basin used to just keep the top open as it got closer to the 4th of July and then you had to take the lift up and down over the grass and dirt at the bottom of the mountain. Question is, why doesn't the basin do this any more?

Mike said...

Thanks for the longest season in Colorado. See you in October.