Friday, June 23, 2017

Saturday Summer Events

We are ramping up our Summer Events this year. Every Saturday from July 15 through August 19, we will be hosting an event. The really fun summer activities you are used to will be available (hiking the Argentine North Fork Trail, Disc Golf, riding your road bike up the pass, mountain goat watching, 6th Alley). On top of that, we will have free chairlift rides on Black Mountain Express (BMX) from 11:00 until 3:00 and live music at The Mountain Goat Plaza Stage (ticket office steps stage). New for these Saturdays will be the Taco Trailer and/or some additional F & B treat from Chefs Rybak and Vlass. Also, just like the 6th Alley, Arapahoe Sports will be open Fridays through Mondays.

The events themselves will be really cool. We will be hosting a Disc Golf Tournament, The Cirque Series Trail Run and a Summer Brew Festival. Our first event, "Local Music Jam Day" on July 15. will be especially exciting. Locals artists High Five, John Truscelli, Strung High String Band, Old Herman and Hobo Village will be rocking the plaza from 10:00 until 3:00. This will be a great day to spend the morning wandering around the hill (hike, bike, disc golf). After a little exercise, you can enjoy some good food and listen to great music. Sounds like a good Saturday to me.

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Anonymous said...

Al, how long do you think it will take an average runner to run the Cirque trail run? I've done your summit trail run three times in the past, but that was much shorter (~4 miles?) and it took me about an hour. The Cirque at 8 miles seems a tad more grueling. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hobo Village!!!!