Monday, March 5, 2018

Still Looking For A Single Chair

Back in 2016 I did a couple of posts about our two original single chairlifts. One was roughly where Black Mountain Express is and the other was about where Norway is. One of the chairlifts went to Fun Valley, a now closed area just outside of Denver. I believe the chairs were sold as souvenirs in the mid '90's.

I am still looking for one of these chairs. I believe I found one, but the owner did not want to give it up. If by chance you have one or know of someone that has one, let me know. It would so cool to refurbish one of them and display it at the ski area. Still looking.


David said...

Al, I live near fun valley. The only thing ive seen left is the Poma lift. The single is gone. Good luck finding a single. Ive also looked. If/when pali goes down I hope to get a chair.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that there are two single chairs in operation within the U.S? One is the famed chair at Mad River Glen, the other is at a local Alaskan area known as Mt. Eyak.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Allen in finding part of your roots. it's just a matter of time before something will turn up, and you'll be able to bring one back home to A-Basin.

The fastest fixed grip chair in the country is "The Single" located At Mad River Glen in Vermont. So beloved is this mile long 2000' vert. lift, that when it needed to be replaced several years ago, the skier coop that owns Mad river voted to totally rebuilt it (at a considerably higher cost than a new double). It's a smooth ride now, and services some great terrain.

Mad River and A-Basin share many similarities in that both are spirited, serious fun, and truly remain ski areas. That is why you'll see many of our skiers at A-Basin.

Ski you in April!

- Robin "Rocky " Bleier

Unknown said...

Reach out to Mt Waterman - they still have the remains of a single chair at Kratka down the road and the chairs are still on the line!

Anonymous said...

I think I also commented on the 2016 post about Mt Waterman/Kratka Ridge, but this post sounds more like Al is hoping for an original Basin chair, not just any old single chair, and that makes sense. Good luck!