Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6" New This Morning

6" of new snow this morning. It snowed until early afternoon accumulating a few more inches. Loveland Pass was closed so there weren't many folks here today. Lots of great skiing and riding to be had. Sick day Wednesday?


scottk said...

GREAT! hoping zuma will open by the holidays!

Cdub said...

darn tempting-- but I have too many meetings today. See you Saturday!

pete said...

great al! can you keep us posted real close about the zuma deal!

also i skied your mountain yesterday and i realized a-basin could make a halfpipe!....so i think the run is called humbug and it is the farthest run close t0 the east wall...and it is naturally shaped like a halfpipe so you wouldn't need much snowmaking to perfect that baby!
se what i mean al??

thanks for everything you do

is it possible for snowmaking in zuma?
any update on a zuma cam?

thanks again


Silas said...

Any idea when Zuma will open?

pete said...

pleease al?? gimme an answer?