Friday, December 10, 2010

Zuma Update

No promises and no dates yet, but......................... we are looking good. The snowcats have made it to the bottom of the lift. The grooming looks good. We are just a bit shy on snow and there are still a few willows popping out of the snow at the very bottom. Without cursing myself, the forecast the next 48 hours looks great. It is snowing moderatley right now. The wind is just right. Keep your fingers crossed. I think we are getting pretty close.
Sorry, no blue sky pictures today.


sam said...

Please update us in the morning... If Zuma is opening this weekend, I want to be there when the rope drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Hey Sam,

I don't want to be mis-leading. Zuma will not open this Saturday or Sunday December 11 and 12, but we are getting very close. If the storm pans out, late next week looks really good.


Kurt said...

Thanks Al for shooting us straight. A group of us are heading out from the Midwest next weekend. Sounds like perfect timing.

By the way National Weather Service upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning for the front range. Looks like you didn't jinks yourself....7-15 inches headed for the Legend this weekend

Stephen D Nelson said...

Vanilla skies beat blue skies any day Al.