Saturday, December 25, 2010


Some late day alpenglow on Black and Lenawee Mountains to close out Christmas Day.


Anonymous said...

what al???

this doesn't make any sense?

zuma cam is coming!


thanks al

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Alpenglow is that early or late day special light we see on the mountains. It is often orange-ish to red-ish and is very spectacular on Black and Lenawee Mountains.

The Zuma webcam is in the mail. We have ordered it and are waiting for it to arrive.

Scott said...

Hey Al! My family met you yesterday at the basin. Thanks for saying hi to us. We had a great day skiing. The vibe at A-Basin is like no other ski resort. Everyone is so friendly, and they all seem to really love their jobs.

1 quick question. The trail that runs out from pali - I believe it is called pali wog? Is it possible to groom it? The bumps seem dangerous, and there are rocks hidden in spots. Just a suggestion.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Hey Scott,

It was nice meeting you yesterday. We will eventually groom Pali Wog. The ground there is very steep and rough and we need a lot of snow before we can get the snowcats on there. She is definitely a Black Diamond Traverse. When skiing or riding it, please take your time.

Take care.