Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 Feet of Snow

With 10 inches over the last two days, we have now had 30 feet of snow for the season. If snowfall is just average from here on out, we'll end up with over 400 inches. No wonder everyone is raving about the snow. Went out for a great ski with Patio and Whitney this afternoon. Shame on me for forgetting my camera. Sorry. It was all good. We cruised a couple of lower mountain groomers. Rode Pali a couple of times and skied The Spine and Slalom Slope. No surprises, it was awesome. The best conditions we found though were in Max back in Montezuma Bowl. DEEP, DEEP, DEEP. Very fun. Just as we got back there, the snow let up, visibility improved, sunspots moved across Independence Mountain, and we had some special skiing. After a soft run in Northern Spy, we closed out the afternoon with a spin down Humbug, Dragon, East Gulley, and North Fork. Nice ski.

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