Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zuma Webcam

Here you go. We struggled a bit finding the right spot for the cam. I really like the shot. Thanks to Mark for welding it, Rick for wiring it, and John for the IT stuff. It may be a little susceptible to wind. The shots may be a little blurry if there is a big gust. Enjoy


Anything said...

congrats on the new webcam
its great to see a little transparency into a ski resort.
going from readers's suggestions to the finished product -during- the season is even better!

Brian said...

Thanks for all your hard work that you'v put into this!


John Stirratt, MN said...

Hi Al, Love the new cam. Another "National Geographic" moment at the Basin. Looking forward to a few days of skiing out there, looks like the snow conditions have been awesome.