Monday, July 4, 2011

Closed For The Season

We are closed for the season. Thanks for a phenomenal year. I feel lucky to be a part of this scene. I'll give a better update later in the week. Right now I am going to celebrate Independence and Closing Day with some friends and family. Take care.



Mark said...

Thank YOU A-Basin for a GREAT season.. '10-'11 will go down as one of the best ever

Anonymous said...

Al - Thank you for the great weekend! Who knew skiing in July could be so much fun. Lake Reveal is a must.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for staying open on Friday, July 1. In spite of no electrical power at Arapahoe Basin, you fired up the diesels and got the lifts cranking so that my friends and I could have a great ski day. (Far better than hiking up with skis!) The AB employees were all making the best of the situation and helped to make our day enjoyable.

Big Dave said...

Thanks to you and the whole staff for the awesome season. Special props go out to the lifties - they are the best bumpers in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Only three months to catch up on life stuff! It was a looong play time in my schedule! Long enough to get me addicted!
Not much of other things get done when the lifts are running :) Oh well :)

I have to repeat the previous comment: who knew skiing in July could be so much fun!!

Countless memories and emotional moments all throughout the season
~ Thank you for them all!

Mike A. said...

Thanks so much for keeping the mountain open! Last weekend was a blast.

A-basin is the best!

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Thanks Al and Abay staff for a phenomenal year....this ones for the record books,
Tell us when snowmaking starts ;0)



Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe how much snow was left in July. This is why I ski A-Basin, I love the long season and don't have to call it quits in April!

You made my summer, thanks!

BTW, I'd be there even if we had to upload. Judging by the crowds there in July, I bet there's plenty of other who would come out as well.