Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'll Be On The River.................

This has been an amazing season. I have enjoyed writing this blog and sharing some of my daily thoughts. I hope you have liked it and I also hope you will continue to let me know your interests. As I look back at the last year, it is hard to fathom all the different events and highlights that have occurred. I was never bored.

2010-11 Highlights and Events

-We built and opened Black Mountain Express.
-We received 473" of snow, tied for the second best season on record.
-For 8 straight months, October thru May, the monthly snowfall was well above average each month.
-The skiing and riding was tremendous all season long.
-We were open from October 25 thru July 4. Open to close was 253 days and we were actually open 237 of those days.
-Montezuma Bowl was open 5 1/2 months, December 18 thru June 5. In its 4 year history, that was the earliest opening day and the latest closing day.
-We lost Leif.
-The East Wall had an amazing hiking season.
-We hit a 100" base on March 16 (and on many days thereafter).
-We set an April record for snowfall, 87".
-The Moonlight Dinners at Black Mountain Lodge were a huge success.
-The July 4th Closing Day was quite memorable.

What we'll be doing this summer.

-We will be expanding the parking in Last Chance Lot by 225 spaces.
-We will finish the hiking/biking trail from the Base Area to Black Mountain Lodge.
-We are getting a new e-store on our website to make your shopping and planning easier.

As for the crew, we are catching our breath. Most are taking the time to reflect on a special year. Some have already started working on the 2011-12 season. Everyone will take some much deserved time off to lounge on the beach, visit family and friends, ride their bikes, go to Rockies' games, explore the mountains and canyons, and much more. Me, I'll be on the river as much as I can. Thanks for a season I will never forget.


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, Al. It's been a great season and your blog is a great idea. So nice to have direct contact with the "powers that be."

Matthew Clemons said...

I had ablast this year at Arapahoe Basin! My list of accomplishments includes my children skiing for their first time and learning from your world class ski school staff! Very important season in the lives of these new skiers! Thanks Al!

Frank said...

Hey Al,
Had a lot of fun at abay this season. Thanks for the 4th and for keeping up with the blog all year. It's great to hear from you so often.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great season! July 4th was a blast! Thanks for pushing it to the limit and staying open for the 4th! you guys rock!

Schu said...

Had some great powder days in May! and June was fun. Thanks for the blog , great way to stay connected. Now I can say I have skied the Basin in July:)