Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Had a nice tour of the mountain yesterday afternoon. Almost all of the snow is gone. The exception being a couple of large snowfields in Humbug and along the Cornice Run. The place is green and flowers are popping everywhere. Saw a large buck meandering his way down Upper Wrangler. The marmots are starting to fatten up. The hiking / biking trail out of the base area is in fine shape. Looking forward to several more great weeks of summer.


Pete said...

Looks like we all could try a few more attempts across Upper Lake Reveal!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I love reading your blog, especially because you've started updating it much more regularly in the past year. I'm moving much closer to Colorado this year for a great new job, so I fully plan on making my first trip to Abasin some time during the next season :) A few of my friends live in the area and they're always telling me about how great Abasin is, so I can't wait!

Anonymous said...