Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kid's Club Arapahoe

This time of year we host Kid's Club Arapahoe most Saturdays. These are great programs for youngsters to learn how to ski and to how to improve their skiing. Week after week, the kids develop a rhythym and have lots of fun spending time with the same instructors and same other students. It is also good fun for the parents who can enjoy a day of skiing while their kids are out having fun. I think these Saturdays have become major social get-togethers for many parents. Although my kids are grown now, I always liked letting someone else teach them to ski and I could just go skiing with them and have fun. I wasn't sure what the two kids in the bottom picture were doing, but it was worth a photo.

On another note, the forecast still says 1-2" tonight and 3-5" tomorrow. Good, good, good.

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