Friday, January 13, 2012

More About "When?"

Before I get to the meat of the "When", two quick things. 1) Skied several groomed runs this morning, awesome, you are missing out if you aren't skiing. And 2) The Prime Rib Sandwich special today in the A-Frame was incrdible.

OK on to business. Skied Cornice Run this morning. It is ready. Also skied Grizzly. It is close. They snowcats are heading to Grizzly tonight to spread some big drifts. Let's keep focused on this Monday storm. The four letter "S" word is mentioned in the forecast everyday Sunday thru Friday. This just might be enough to get West Wall, Slalom Slope, and Powderkeg open. Let's keep the fingers crossed. I am not saying when Pali Lift is opening, but I sure am thinking about it a lot. You should be too.

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