Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snow In The Forecast

OK. This hasn't been the greatest season to get excited about weather forecasts. The storm coming at us is starting to look pretty good. NOAA,, CAIC, and my secret sources are all saying good things. I think Mother Nature is waiting for a few more of you to put the skis away and take out the bikes and rafts. That is always when she hits the hardest. My fingers are crossed.

I went for a 1 1/2 hour spin this afternoon. The timing was perfect. Today was just above freezing so the snow was soft, but just. It was not big slushy bumps, but a nice carveable, soft, smooth surface. Great runs on Grizzly Ridge, West Wall, Cornice Run, Humbug, Dragon, Sundance, High Noon, and Ramrod. Nice afternoon.

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Dan Lowitz said...

Expect BIG things. I am traveling this weekend and next, and the following...