Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Colorado Fires

Yesterday afternoon as I was writing in my blog that Colorado sure could use some rain showers, the Waldo Canyon Fire in and near Colorado Springs was blowing up. The videos I saw on the news last night were heart wrenching.  I sent emails to a couple of friends that I thought were in the evacuation area.  In fact, they were and had already been evacuated.  Tough times.  All of us at The Basin are thinking about the folks that have been evacuated and/or impacted by all of the Colorado fires. We have special thoughts for the firefighters and other people trying to manage this crisis. One of the friends I emailed in Colorado Spring is a firefighter.  He was on the Treasure Fire near Leadville while his family was evacuating their house.

Last night at The Basin we had a little shower. Right now we are having a fairly decent rain. The forecast for the mountains shows an increasing chance of rain. Let's hope Mother Nature can give us some help very soon.  Send some good juju to all those in need right now.


Mike said...

Al, it looks like I just missed the rain today. Ii was a very nice day running the trail run course to the summit and then all the way back down. The weather was perfect, a bit cooler than last week. I did the entire course and then continued to the base area without any big stops. Still, a very hard course, and an excellent workout. We look forward to see you this Sunday!


Junk Evolution said...

The fires and friends in CO have been in our constant thoughts as well. So good to hear that the you are getting some rain in the high country. We're praying for more!
We're extremely dry here too.