Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Griz Ridge - Cornice Run Walk

Had an enjoyable kind of "meeting afternoon" today.  In preparation for July 1's Trail Race, Leigh and I went for a bit of a walk up Grizzly Ridge to the top of Pali.  We headed to the West Wall saddle and were headed up the Cornice Run when we were chased off by lightning.  I think about 12 drops of rain fell.  While A-Basin is greening up nicely, as a state Colorado sure could use a few soakers.

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Mike said...

I was wondering where the race course is actually up past Pali when you take a left up there. I normally follow the area boundary rope right after going to the right of the West Wall sign. Strait up to the Patrol Station and then around to the Summer road. I stayed to the right of the all the small snowfields.