Thursday, June 21, 2012

Music, BBQ, BMX, Trail Race

I have been kind of slow getting back to the blog after a vacation.  Caught a Michael Franti concert at Red Rocks, had a sweet run through Westwater, and rode the bike a fair bit in Summit County.

We really have two stories for July 1.

Doing what we do best, we are throwing a party a Black Mountain Lodge.  High Five will be playing their music and Chef Rybak and crew will be serving up their famous BBQ.  Come on up and enjoy the view.  Despite the state being so dry, the upper mountain is green and beautiful.  You can ride the lift or walk the trail.

The second part of the story is the Trail Run.  The Mid-Mountain Division run to BML on the Argentine North Fork Trail is ideal for any runner.  The Summit Division going past BML to the top of Pali, on to the summit, and finishing at BML is for hard core athletes only.  Don't let its relatively short 4.6 mile distance lull you into thinking it is easy.  This is a steep, gnarly course.  There aren't many of you that can do it without walking.  (OK, that is a challenge).

Whatever you do, run, party, or both, I hope to see you July 1.  We are going to have some fun.

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