Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pika Place - New Conveyor Lift

We actually do have a pretty cool project going on in the base area. We are installing another conveyor lift, Pika Place. It will be Southeast of the bottom of Black Mountain Express. The lift will be fairly short with a very, very gentle slope. The site, within our teaching area, is specifically designed for teaching very small children. Over the last decade, you probably noticed the increase in youngsters skiing and riding at The Basin. Many people have discovered just how "kid friendly" A-Basin really is. For the little guys, this lift should speed the teaching progression and increase the fun factor.

The conveyor itself has already been delivery by Magic Carpet Ski Lifts. We are expecting delivery of pre-cast concrete foundations in the next week or so. Installation will likely occur during the first half of October.


Doodle said...

Outstanding! Congratulations to Arapahoe Basin Snowsports School! This will be a wonderful tool in the progression of the little ones.


Chris W. said...

That sounds like a great addition. The Basin is a great place to get introduced to the sport. My kid learned to ski there and loved it. The instructors were great and the atmosphere is more relaxed and hassle-free than some of the larger resorts nearby. I used to put him in a morning lesson while I burned out my legs on the steeps, then we'd meet up in the afternoon and hit the Wrangler trail together. Talk about a perfect day.

Mike Holm said...

How much does a lift like that cost? The little ski hill in Weston Mo could use one--it was hard to teach my son to grab a tope tow. See you soon!

Mike said...

How much does a conveyor lift cost? The local ski hill in Weston MO could use one. The rope tow lift was too hard for my son to use. See you soon! It's going to be a great season.