Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Treeline Terrain Park

The Park Crew packed up their goods on High Noon and moved up to the Treeline Terrain Park.  They have pulled together a great lineup of rails and boxes.  I have always thought the picnic table was really good.   The one negative impact we have had with snowmaking this season has been making snow for jumps.  What we have set up is really nice.  As natural snowfall occurs, Treeline will keep growing and growing.  The jumps will come. I know some of the other parks are really cool right now.  Treeline is pretty cool too.................and those of you in the know realize, "we have the best snow."


Anonymous said...

I'll be there Saturday to shred this out for sure!! Thank you for all the GREAT updates to your incredible mountain, Al!! I enjoy reading your blog on the daily!! Please keep it up and keep us in the KNOW!! ABASIN FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...

I will be checking this out on Saturday!! Looks amazing and super fun!! Thank you PARK CREW, for you great work on gettin Treeline set up!! I know the jumps will come when mother nature is ready!! Also, thank you Al, for the great updates and posts through your blogs! I enjoy reading them on the daily!! Keep up the GREAT WORK YOU DO ABAY!!! The LEDGEND FOREVER!!

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought putting a picnic table in the middle of slope would have been cool 10 years ago? :-)