Sunday, February 10, 2013

Montezuma Update

Saturday, I took two laps in Montezuma Bowl with Becs and Louie.  Wow.  Really good.  Most of you know I have trouble exactly pin pointing an opening date and time.  I often use the term "we are close."  Well, this time we are really close.  With the newly fallen snow and the forecast Sunday and Monday, I think we will likely have enough snow to open the backside.  There is quite a bit of snowcat work to do with the new stuff and the ski patrol has a lot to do with ropes and pads and avalanche work.  That said,  IT IS GOING TO BE SOON.  Over the next few days, pay close attention to the website.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Al,
I heard a avy blast go off and then heard a huge slide today when I was skiing paling. Was this at A basin or somewhere else?

Anonymous said...


Any updates as of today?

Anonymous said...

Wow I cant believe Zuma isnt even open yet. Hang in there.