Thursday, February 14, 2013

The North Side and More

While I spent most of yesterday's on-hill time in Montezuma Bowl, I did a nice tour on Pali and The Alleys.  More and more chunks of terrain are opening there.  The Upper Alleys and the Lower 2nd and 3rd are skiing well.  Most of The Face is open.  Lower Standard, Lower International, and 13 Cornices are all skiing pretty well.  In Zuma Bowl, the 14er's should open tomorrow.  The forecast continues to look good and the snow is starting to stack up.  As I look up at Pali right now I can see the wind blowing snow into The Face and 3rd Bowl.  I just saw Todd Hanson in The 6th Alley and he told me today was his first "bell to bell" day skiing Pali Lift this season.  With a big smile on his face, he looked a little tired sitting there sipping his beverage. The skiing is getting pretty good out there.


Campo said...

This is wonderful news Big Al! Nice update skills as well. This blog is a lifeline to those of us followers who arent fortunate enough to see the Basin every day. Gotta love the winds filling in the pockets. It's amazing to have watched the process of opening that place these last 2 seasons. Leif might have something to do with the pestering. You keep on the good work, Chief. Thanks for the updates. You know there is a book deal in there quite feasibly, right? This little short story is getting better everyday, Bud!

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