Wednesday, February 13, 2013

She Is Open

Montezuma Bowl is open.  There is always excitement when people have a new place to ski and ride. It was very wintry at The Basin today.  The sun sort of popped out for about 4 minutes.  The rest the time we had light, but steady snowfall.  There were plenty of smiles to be found in Zuma.  I like the way the forecast is shaping up, snow Thursday and Friday and sunshine Saturday and Sunday for the Holiday weekend.  I tend to think of President's Weekend as the first unofficial hint of spring. It will definitely still be winter, but the days are a little longer and "The Beach" is usually going off.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! We will be out there next week. As the, "big publicly traded resort companies" price destination travelers who have been coming out there for decades out of the market on lift tickets it is great to see A-Basin still affordable with awesome terrain.