Sunday, June 2, 2013

3 More Days

A lot of you turned out to enjoy a beautiful Sunday.  We had a great scene going on the Black Mountain Lodge deck with the band and local favorite, High Five, playing some tunes.  You don't find a ski scene like ours in many places.  We are going to shut down for 4 days and then fire the place back up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 7, 8,  and 9.  Thanks to all that came out today and I look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Al, Thanks for the extra weekend. Will Lake Reveal be open for pond-skimming?

Pete said...

Any possibility of 3 more days after the 3 more days? :-D

Please open back up Jun 14-16.

Chris W. said...

Leaving for Taiwan tomorrow evening...hate to miss the bonus weekend!