Friday, June 7, 2013

Mountain Goats

I took this photo Thursday afternoon from the top of Lenawee Face.  We regularly see these animals wandering around the Upper Mountain, especially in the spring and summer.  They are commonly confused with bighorn sheep (I posted pictures of bighorns last Friday).  Mostly, we see these guys on the East Wall, but they occasionally wander over towards Snow Plume Refuge and down into Lenawee Parks.  I have seen as many as 35 of them herded together on Lenawee Face.  They are very beautiful and tough animals living most of their lives about treeline.

My resident wildlife expert tells me these two are pregnant females.  I look forward to seeing the little guys running around.  The little ones are amazingly cute.


John Beckos said...

So Al - what was the final snow tally for this year? How did it compare to last season? Nice work to everyone at the Basin this year; thanks for another great season!


John Beckos said...

Al - so what was the final snowfall totals for the season? How did it compare to the last 2 years? I know it wasn't close to '10-'11, but I'm sure we beat last season.

Thanks for another great ski season, see you in October!


Anonymous said...

They are big and yet so hard to find/spot. It would seal the season to see them for sure, whenever that may happen!!
Will be peeling my eyes all summer, for big, and later for little ones. They are a treat!

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