Friday, July 19, 2013


I had a nice little wander on the Upper Mountain this morning.  I poked my head in Montezuma Bowl, The Beavers, and Lenawee Parks.  One of Colorado's greatest treasures is the high alpine tundra.  And The Basin alpine areas are very special.   Surprisingly, I didn't see any mountains goats today.  I did see a few deer wandering around down low in the tress.  I bumped into a couple of fine souls looking for a ski their son lost on the East Wall last winter.  I don't think the "crawling through the talus looking for kid's ski chapter" was in my parenting book.  Those guys are really good parents.

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Kenneth Najarian said...

Very nice, never get to see the Summers in CO. Thank you for sharing this. See you in Dec. Ken from NJ.