Thursday, March 19, 2015

Amazing Employees

This evening we threw a little employee shindig in The 6th Alley. A few times during the season each manager recognizes the "Amazing Employees" in his/her department. Some of the comments are serious. Some are quite fun. Lift Ops Manager, Ben Morton, even writes a Haiku about each of his Amazing Employees. The F and B crew puts some food together for everyone. As you can imagine, it is quite fun. As I was leaving, I took a peak up at The East Wall just as the late day light was making it shine. 

No doubt this unseasonably warm weather has curtailed the hiking up there a bit. Tonight temperatures should drop into the teens and get us back to a more recognizable rhythm. Top that with a little snow and we should be back to normal soon.


Anonymous said...

Al, the employees and leadership is awesome at ARAPAHOE BASIN. THANKS. Lb

Michelle said...

We were telling Dominic last weekend that we love that we see the same faces there every year and the employees look so happy to work there.