Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Good Culvert Questions

Those were some great questions on the culvert project.

It did go through an extensive environmental review that included a public comment period.

There are no fish at A-Basin. Down below the bottom of Pali there is a significant waterfall that blocks fish movement to The Basin. There are lots of fish below that waterfall.

The rocks and boulders serve a couple of good purposes. 

  1) Even though there are no fish, there are other critters up here and they can now move along a more natural channel.

  2) The rocks and boulders are durable. The corrugated metal pipe of a round culvert does not last long up here. During runoff, lots of smaller rocks move down the channel. Those smaller rocks destroy the metal pipe. With a natural, rocky bottom, this culvert should last a really long time.

This new culvert has a capacity many times greater than the old one. Mother Nature can be a little prickly. This new channel will do a much better job handling her extreme events and will still be intact when she is done.

Lastly, I don't think tubing this is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

hi Al, thanks for the update. Do you have a date in mind when all these pipes can be covered up? Say... Oct 17 a possibility?

Jason Burns said...

All this culvert-talk got me to thinking about something I read a while back (a year or so ago), I think here on your blog, about a flood/debris flow event during July of '99. I'm not a hydrologist, but guessing this project will help minimize damage to the base area the next time a similar-type storm dumps that kind of water over the upper Snake River basin?

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...
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Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

This project should be buttoned up by October 17, probably much sooner.

Yes, we want to better protected for a 1999 type event as well as simply runoff and a big summer thunderstorm.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, micro-invertebrates much prefer the rocky bottom. The fish below the falls will thank you!

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting set of questions and answers. It looks to me like the project will leave a product much better! congrats. Are you still shooting for Oct 17??? also would be nice to get a few pics of the finished product. Thanks